Hon. Ifedayo Abegunde


Hon. Ifedayo Abegunde: An Architect of Change in Politics and Professionalism

The journey of the Executive Director of Corporate Services, Hon. Ifedayo Abegunde, has been a rich tapestry of engineering prowess, architectural brilliance, and dedicated public service. 

Born on May 5, 1955, he started from a civil engineering background. He enlarged his scope with architectural studies before moving into the esteemed chambers of the House of Representatives. His variegated forays endowed him with a plethora of skills and experiences. His strong affinity for architecture, coupled with the art of crafting environments, has allowed him to weave imaginative planning seamlessly with realistic implementations.

His educational foundation was laid at St. David's Primary School, Akure, which he followed up with a secondary education at Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure. Furthering his passion for design and structure, he acquired a B.Sc in Architecture from Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A. He obtained his Master's in Architecture from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. 

His professional journey began as an Assistant Civil Engineer at Akintobi-Oyenekan & Associates, where he played an instrumental role in developing roads in Ondo State. His career then spanned across international borders to the USA, where he showcased his technical prowess as a Systems Engineer for both the State of Maryland and the United States Patent and Trade Organization.

In politics, his commitment to the public good has been evident. As a Member of the House of Representatives, he chaired committees on Inter-Governmental Affairs and the National Emergency Management Agency. His dedication to governance and statecraft further propelled him to serve as the Secretary to Ondo State Government (SSG) from 2017-2020, where he played pivotal roles in industrialization, poverty eradication, and governance programmes.

Hon. Ifedayo possesses various certifications, including those from Microsoft, Cisco, and the American Society of Professional Estimators. His attributes resonate with organizational restructuring, team collaboration, excellent communication, relentless pursuit of objectives, and fostering strong interpersonal relationships.

Hon. Ifedayo Abegunde is not just a seasoned professional or political figure; he's a harmonious blend of both. He is dedicated to exploring new territories, improving built environments, and positively impacting his local government, state, and the nation.

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