Chima Philip Okafor

Representative of Revenue Mobilzation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission

Chima Philip Okafor, the Representative of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission the NDDC Board, is
a highly experienced Nigerian professional, who has carved a notable career spanning over 36 years in the legal, financial, and governmental sectors. Born on January 11, 1963, in Ufuma, Anambra State, Chima is not only a respected figure in his field but also a family man, proudly married and deeply rooted in his Nigerian heritage.

Chima's journey in law and governance commenced with his education. He earned his Barrister-at-Law degree from the Nigerian Law School in Lagos in 1986, following a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Benin. His academic foundation laid a robust platform for his diverse career.

In 1986, he was called to the Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, marking the start of a distinguished legal career. Chima's professional path is marked by a blend of private and public sector roles, each demonstrating his capability to navigate complex legal and governmental landscapes.

He currently serves as the Federal Commissioner for the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission at The Presidency, a role he has held since 2019. In this position, he carries out constitutional and statutory duties, representing Anambra State with distinction.

Prior to his current role, Chima was the Principal Partner and Lead Counsel at Chima Okafor & Co. from 2011 to 2019, where he led a team of lawyers in a leading commercial law firm. His expertise extended to corporate governance, investment services, and legal frameworks supporting various business ventures.

Between 2006 and 2011, Chima made significant contributions to the economic growth of Anambra State as the Honourable Commissioner for Commerce & Industry. His efforts in policy formulation, industrialization, and enhancing the state’s economic landscape are particularly noteworthy.

His earlier career includes valuable experiences in various capacities, including a pivotal role as Company Secretary and Legal Adviser at Comet Merchant Bank Ltd. and leading C. Okafor & Co. as Principal Partner.

Beyond his professional commitments, Chima is an active member of the Nigerian Bar Association, the African Bar Association, and the International Bar Association. He also enjoys membership at the prestigious Ikoyi Club 1938, reflecting his social engagements and networking acumen.

Chima's personal life is as vibrant as his professional one, with hobbies that include playing table tennis, lawn tennis, golf, and indulging in his passion for reading. This multifaceted personality is not just a testament to his professional acumen but also his ability to balance a demanding career with personal interests and family life.

For those seeking to know more about this dynamic individual, references are available upon request, promising insights into the life of a man who has seamlessly blended legal expertise, governmental acumen, and personal passions to carve a niche for himself in the professional world.

He is an exceptional professional who is well-versed in procedural pathways that organizations can tow to achieve their stated statutory objectives.

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