Chidiebere Kyrian Uchegbu

Imo State Representative

Chidiebere Kyrian Uchegbu: Luminary of Leadership and Community Service

A native of the serene, oil-rich town of Umuorji, Izombe, the Imo State Representative on the NDDC Governing Board, Dr. Chidiebere Kyrian Uchegbu, was born on November 10, 1968. A devout Christian, Dr. Uchegbu's life ethos revolves around teamwork, peace, advocacy, and an unyielding drive for development, philanthropy, and building humanity.

He began his academic career at Aborshi Primary School in Izombe. He proceeded to Izombe Secondary Commercial School and the Abia State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. Driven by an effervescent thirst for knowledge, Dr. Uchegbu acquired a National Diploma in History and International Studies from Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education and a Master's in International Development Studies from the Imo State University. His academic pinnacle was achieved in 2021 with a Ph.D. in History and International Studies.

Professionally, Dr. Uchegbu's journey is as diverse as it is impressive. Yet the passion for community service, touching lives, and inspiring humanity continues to define his accomplishments. After his mandatory national service at Summer Publishers, Onitsha, Anambra State, he threw his hat into the political ring to contribute his quota towards bringing to his community, his state, and his beloved Niger Delta, the kind of development that he believes will make the lives of the people more enriching.

Starting as an elected Councilor for Izombe Ward, he soon became the Supervisor for Works in the Oguta Local Government Area. His leadership abilities were recognized as he served as the Speaker for the Oguta Legislative Council. Over the years, he has held esteemed positions, including Special Assistant on Political Matters to the Executive Chairman of Oguta Local Government Area and Personal Assistant to the Imo State representative on the NDDC board.

While he has served as the Chairman of the Peace and Development Union for Umuokwu Umuorji Communities in Izombe Clan, Oguta Local Government Area, his dedication, commitment to service, and administrative savvy have seen Dr. Uchegbu ascend to represent Imo State on the Board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Dr. Uchegbu finds solace in staying updated with national and international news beyond his professional engagements, immersing himself in books, and journeying to new places. He is a ceaseless questioner for improving humanity and a pillar of dedication and leadership, profoundly impacting Imo State and Nigeria.


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