Elder Senator Dimaro Denyanbofa

Bayelsa State Representative

Elder Senator Dimaro Denyanbofa: A Guiding Light for Progress

Senator Dimaro Denyanbofa stands tall in the pantheon of educationists and politicians who have championed a better, more literate Niger Delta region. With his roots firmly anchored in Peretorugbene, Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Senator Denyanbofa embodies the true spirit of service and development for Bayelsa, and the Niger Delta.

Fueled by a burning motivation to harness his legislative and executive prowess to improve the living conditions of the people, Senator Denyanbofa has consistently endeavoured to reshape organisational landscapes. He envisions the optimal utilisation of resources to amplify infrastructural and human capital development. With over thirty-five years under his belt, his expertise in high-level management and public administration is exemplary.

In the early 1990s, as the pioneering Executive Chairman of Ekeremor Local Government, he demonstrated an unparalleled zest for innovation. With limited resources, he built the unique Rural Electrification Model for Ekeremor and introduced groundbreaking investment models in agriculture. His tenure was so impactful that he was honoured as the best LGA Chairman in 1992. During his stint as a supervisory councilor, his ingenuity birthed the innovative 'Doctors Flying Project'— a pilot programme that was the talk of Rivers State at the time.

In 1998, as Senator for Bayelsa's West Senatorial district, not content with his legislative duties, Senator Denyanbofa was at the forefront of the fight for Nigeria's return to democracy. His passionate advocacy and leadership in groups like the Ijaw Youths Action League helped pave the way for creating the NDDC and the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme. He was also instrumental in attracting projects worth over N80 billion to Bayelsa State during his tenure as the Special Advisor on NDDC and Niger Delta affairs. 

He has demonstrated adept political acumen throughout his years in politics and governance. Indeed, he helped harmonise differences between political parties in Bayelsa, strengthening the state's political framework. His accomplishments in the realms of infrastructure are commendable as well. As Special Advisor on state capital development in 2003, he played a pivotal role in enhancing Yenagoa's infrastructure, laying down internal roads, and pioneering the stormwater drainage systems that serve the capital today. In 2023, his exemplary service earned him a coveted position as a Board member and Commissioner representing Bayelsa State in the Governing Board of NDDC. 

Senator Denyanbofa's rich academic background is equally noteworthy. Beginning his education at LA Primary School in Peretorugbene, he completed his Bachelor's in Business Education from Rivers State University of Science and Technology and later, a Master's in Education Psychology Guidance and counseling from the University of Port Harcourt.

Elder Senator Dimaro Denyanbofa's life is a testament to commitment, innovation, and visionary leadership. As Bayelsa strides forward, his legacy remains an enduring guiding light for progress, development and for a better Bayelsa State and the Niger Delta region.


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